Welcome bonus as a casino bonus

As mentioned earlier, the online casinos are very generous when it comes to welcoming new customers. The welcome bonus not yet known to you is already a true phenomenon within the wonderful online gambling world. The casinos welcome you with either free play money or a doubling / tripling of your first deposit amount. Some casinos go so far in that they offer you both free play money (Take the Amsterdam Casino .. They offer you 10 euros free play money, without even 1 deposit has taken place) as a number of freespins (free spin on 1 of popular online slots ) as a doubling of your 1st deposit offer.

All online casinos logically want to attract as many players as possible to play in their casino. The welcome bonus is crucial for online casinos. There is also a lot of free play money given away. This casino bonus is only paid once. This is always a percentage on top of the first deposit.

This varies from 50% to no less than 200%. There is a maximum amount on which the welcome bonus is paid out. In order to get the best out of the welcome bonuses , we advise you to deposit the maximum amount at all times. Suppose the maximum deposit amount for a welcome bonus is 250 euros, and the bonus percentage is 100%. You will receive no less than 250 euros above your initial deposit. A big amount!

On bocablades.com we have put together several welcome bonuses for you. In the Casino reviews you can also read what the welcome bonus percentages are of the online casinos. Read the page about us to get a better picture of who we are and what we are doing exactly. If you are interested in new casino sites only please visit our partner site.

No deposit Bonus

The No deposit bonus, or bonus without deposit, is a very popular bonus option. For players who do not yet know how to work in an online casino, it is the perfect opportunity to take a risk-free gamble. Why is this risk-free? With a no deposit bonus no deposit needs to be made. The literal translation of the no deposit bonus is therefore: bonus without deposit. You register at 1 of the online casinos (on our website you will find a clear overview of the most reliable online casinos) and you indicate that you would like to use the no deposit bonus. This is basically the only thing you have to do. The bonus is automatically credited to your account without you having to make a deposit!

Casino Reload Bonuses

After the welcome bonus, most online casinos use reload bonuses. This means that after the welcome bonus percentage that is released after the first deposit, a bonus percentage will also be released with a 2nd, 3rd and sometimes 4th deposit. Often this logically ends (this is casino dependent). Suppose there is 100% bonus on the first deposit, then the 200 deposit can be 75%, the third 50% etc. etc.

Cash Back Bonuses (money back bonus)

Cash Back bonuses are currently making an advance in the world of online casinos. The cash back bonus simply means that you will receive a percentage of your potential loss within a certain period of time in real money. As a kind of insurance. You will then be able to win your losses in a sporting way! It would be right to say that cash back bonuses are the most popular casino promotions for live casino sites.